Finding quality images often requires utilizing multiple sources and databases. There are no one-stop shopping sources unfortunately, however there are some very good resources here at UCD that should help you avoid having to aimlessly troll the web. This is not a comprehensive list! Think of it as a good place to start.


Visual Resources Facility Image Database (
• You will not need login or password to access our catalog within Art network or on campus but you do need a login from home to access images
• CONTENT: analog and digital images produced for instruction and research in the department. Developed from our slide collection (ca. 230,000 slides); we currently have ca. 23,000 digital images
• Large jpegs available to those who register (2048). Medium sized jpeg (800 pixels or powerpoint sized)
• Image and PDF Scanning Request Forms online

In addition to image resources, the VRF also has:
• Complete collection of Department MA Theses
• Videos
• Thieme-Becker (Lexicon of artists) (in German)
• Benezit (Dictionary of painters, sculptor, printers) (in French)
• Style manuals, dictionaries
• Scanning equipment and a circulating digital camera if you need one for a research trip. And PLEASE consider sharing your digital image files from research trips or travels with the VRF -- we would love to add them to the database and share them with the rest of the Art and Art History community.
• And take a look at our blog -- Cropped. We use our blog to post new image resources (databases, apps, etc.) as we find them.

• Dan Goldstein (Art and Art History llibrarian at Shields) has put together a nice list of licensed and non-licensed image resources. Many, but not all, of the resources I list below are on his finding aids page.

• Because it is a licensed resource, you must access ARTstor within the campus IP or via . For off-campus access, first register with ARTstor from a computer on campus. Then, you may login from off campus with your ARTstor ID by going directly to Or, you may use the VPN or the Proxy Server.
• Must login every 120 days from campus to keep this account active
• Technical Requirements: have to have your computer set-up for ARTstor to have success. ARTstor can be fickle so be patient. REQUIRED: Flash-Player, latest version of Java, popup blockers allowed for ARTstor, enabled cookies -- you can find all of this on the ARTstor System Requirements page under the Help button, plus links to download flash, java and troubleshooting tips
• CONTENT: broad – humanities, especially art, but hoping to broaden out to include scientific material. Fine art, architecture, decorative arts, material culture
• Image files 400 or 1024 pixels. Most are sized at 1024 but the size is determined by the contributor and what they are willing to share.
• Quick Time Files -- identified as QTVR
• Images for Academic Publishing -- identified as IAP. Publication quality images that are made available for academic publications. NOTE: IAP does not release you from your obligation to obtain permission from copyright owner.
• You can make collections of images to post online and share.
• OIV -- ARTstor's offline image viewer

Grove Dictionary of Art / Oxford Art Online
• CONTENT: Grove Dictionary of Art is bundled with other reference tools now: Oxford Companion to Western Art, Encyclopedia of  Aesthetics and the Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art Terms
• Can search articles, bibliographies, biographies and images. Articles, biographies and bibliographies may be linked to related content when available.  Also linked to UC Links which can take you directly to online source in Melvyl.
• Citation help
• IMAGE CONTENT: over 6,000 images available.
•  Image search separate for text search (you can retrieve images the other way but if you want to search for images more systematically, in more refined ways, use the “Search for Images Only” box or click on Images in top menu.
• Image file size varies: ca. 600-1000 pixels

(Catalog of Art Museum Images Online) from OCLC
• CONTENT: 95,000 high quality art images. Showcases fine and decorative art – photography, painting, sculpture, prints, drawings, decorative arts, costume – from major American museums.  Some audio and video
• Image file size: 1800 pixels, 72 dpi, jpeg
• Excellent image quality and data content – museums are the contributors so content comes directly from the source
• Can make collections ( “Favorites”)
• Can select and download image details

• The online catalog for UC Berkeley's College of Environmental Design Visual Resources Center
• CONTENT: over 65,000 digital images derived from the instruction and research needs of UCB ED faculty and graduate students

• Online resource (images, biblio
graphies, discussion forum, jobs etc.) for scholars, architects, urban designers etc. working on Islamic architecture
• Login and password required but images are free
• CONTENT: excellent source Islamic architecture
• Image files: powerpoint size jpegs

AICT (Art Images for College Teaching)
Copy images fall within public domain or photographed by AICT producer Allan Kohl. Please see About page for notes of citation.
• CONTENT: Primarily Western materials from Ancient to Modern. Some Non-Western content.

Library of Congress, Digital Collections
• Can access very high-resolution images (TIFFs)
• CONTENT: LC's rare collections, Prints & Photographs (excellent!), historic newspapers, American History & Culture (posters, Americana etc.) etc.
• Prints & Photographs division has remarkable material: Farm Security Administration negatives and prints, Carnegie survey of Architecture of the South, Civil War photos, cartoon prints, WPA posters etc.

Europeana : think culture
CONTENT: 6 million digital items, including images (Paintings, drawings, maps, photos), texts, sounds and vidoes. Sources include major and small European museums, archves, libraries and AV collections.

• CONTENT: fine art, decorative arts, archaeology, ethnology and historical photographs. JOCONDE is a union catalog of French art museums.
• In French. Content is also shared with Europeana (above) if the language is a barrier.